Thursday, June 7, 2012

One of Those Days

Do you ever have them?  Those days that, at some point, you realize the most challenging thing you should have endeavored was changing the channel?  Apparently, today was my day.  C’est la vie.

It began with something as simple as a burnt out light bulb.  I was sort of surprised that it was burnt out since it was a CFL and they seem to last forever.  In the back of my mind I think I knew that CFLs got really hot when they burned out.  It should have been in the front of my mind.  I’m now sporting a blister on my finger where I touched the bulb next to the base.

one of three very large plants gifted to me
Later in the morning I chose to tackle dividing a huge tropical plant a friend had given me.  This should have been done about five years ago.  It was amazingly root bound.  What I thought would be a relatively simple task was not.  And that was before I discovered that it had tiny little spines that embedded themselves in my skin.  Before I was finished I ran out of potting soil, but Tug was out and about and came to my rescue.  After stopping at three places to find potting soil.  Love that man!

Before the light bulb incident, I had taken some butter and eggs out of the refrigerator to come up to room temperature for a cake recipe I wanted to try.  There were a couple of other things I needed to finish first, and the ingredients kept getting in my way.  I finally set them on top of the washing machine (our laundry is just off of our kitchen) as they would be out of the way and away from the hot stove.  What I didn’t think about was the fact that I had laundry in the washer.  Once the spin cycle began, my pan and ingredients vibrated right off the edge.

two out of three eggs were Humpty Dumpty-s; the egg that landed on the butter survived the fall

Cleaning up raw egg and soft butter did not happen easily.  (Where were the dogs when I needed them?)  When I finally mopped up the last of it with paper towels, I got out the WetJet to finish the job.  Only the solution bottle was empty.  As luck would have it, we actually had another bottle of solution.  But then the batteries were dead.  Really?!  Tug came to my rescue again (without even knowing it) as he practically hoards batteries.  So new solution, new batteries, floor clean, cake abandoned, I decided it was time to throw in the towel and go watch Pride & Prejudice.  I’m thinking that’s how I should have started my day.


  1. What a day! I think we all have those from time to time I'm glad Tug was there for you because it could have gotten super depressing otherwise!

    1. Katie, I am so very fortunate to be married to such a wonderful man. It's one of the blessing I count on days like yesterday that are filled with first world problems. :)

  2. There r some days nothing seem to go right ☔. I hope you have a better weekend !! Btw I love pride and prejudice !!

    1. In the big picture, it could have been much, much worse and I do recognize that. I will have a great weekend, thank you, Simi! And I'm trying to talk myself out of buying the BBC mini-series of Pride & Prejudice - it's SIX HOURS long and I know I won't want to do anything else but watch it!


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