Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's been a long time coming . . .

. . . slightly over a year to be more precise.  To what do I attribute such a long, silent absence?  Truthfully, to choosing to live my life instead of thinking what I'll write about it, or what I should have photographed and didn't.  I don't mean that to sound like I don't enjoy the blog, but I found that after I went back to work, I could get a little stressed out about it.  So I came to the conclusion if I had something for show and tell, I'd bring it.  If not, I wasn't going to allow myself to lose any sleep over it. 

So what brought me back here today?  A wedding.  My friend, C., is getting married this evening.  Several months ago she found some pictures of cookies on Pinterest (of which I am STILL not on) and asked if I could make something similar.  So I did.

It took seven batches of Grandma's Butter Cookie recipe (three of which I doubled to save time) and an industrial sized recipe of vanilla Swiss Buttercream.  And a day off of work.  I made the cookie dough Friday morning and baked the cookies that afternoon.  This morning I made the buttercream - over six pounds of it and I nearly ran out!

You've seen cookie baking and buttercream making before, so I thought I'd just show you the production of putting them together.

Starting from the bottom and working my way up:  a large cookie in a cupcake paper turned inside out.

Add a large buttercream rosette . . .

and top with a smaller cookie.

Top that with a slightly smaller buttercream rosette . . .

followed by an even smaller cookie.

A final buttercream rosette . . .

and finished with a little fondant flower.

A little army of wedding cake cookies.
 And I even managed to get them all there without catastrophe.  The only one lost was the one C. dropped.  But since these are my gift to her, she can do what she pleases with them!

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