Friday, April 22, 2011


Being the impatient person that I am, I have a tendency to become slightly annoyed when there's a project I want to start, but have other things that must first be finished.  I have a tendency to become really annoyed when there's something I want to do, but am physically sidelined.  That's been the story of the better part of this week.

After delivering the cake on Saturday and cleaning up on Sunday, I chose to do a whole lot of nothing on Monday.  By Tuesday morning, I was feeling a little blah.  I decided to color my hair.  Brighten my perspectives a bit.  Not so much.  Not only is my hair in its current state rather clownish looking, I felt even worse by Tuesday afternoon.  By Wednesday, I was just plain sick.

There are cupcake ideas in my head that want to be realized.  Particularly, root beer float cupcakes.  I want so much to test these cupcakes!  But who is going to want a cupcake from someone sneezing and having near convulsive fits of coughing?  No one I want to know.

So for awhile, I'll keep scribbling recipes; maybe turn my short attention span to some crafty endeavors and look forward to making germ-free cupcakes in the (hopefully) near future.  ***sigh***