Saturday, April 2, 2011

Will I ever learn?

Yesterday brought about a couple of lessons, at least one of which I should have already known.  *Sigh*

I'm an early riser for the most part.  (Here is where I need to point out that getting out of bed doesn't necessarily mean that I'm functioning.)  I like getting up a bit early and having the house to myself; the quiet mornings before the dogs bark and the birds start vocalizing.  My usual routine is to make/drink some coffee, check my messages, stare blankly out the window.  You notice that coffee is the first thing.  Yesterday it wasn't. 

Lesson One
Do not attempt anything requiring concentration until coffee has been consumed.

While waiting for the coffee to brew, I looked at the pot of tangerine/orange peels on the stove and thought it would be a good time to give them a one last little simmer while the kitchen was still cool.  I then took my finished cup of coffee to check my messages, thinking 15 minutes should be just perfect for the peels to come up to temp and simmer for a bit.  In theory.  While my brain kept telling me that I turned the heat on to medium low; reality showed me that it was on medium. 

This is what greeted me when I returned to the kitchen:

Lesson Two: 
Never, NEVER walk away from a pot of cooking sugar (regardless of cooking temperature).

Where have we heard this before?  In the January 18 post where I confessed to the same offense having boiled citrus-ginger marmalade all over the stove. 

I knew this and did it anyway.

So the recipe I was conjuring up with the candied peels?  Well, there's been some change to that plan.  The peels themselves were not salvageable.  I did, however, save the burnt orange syrup and am thinking of incorporating it into a caramel.  Not sure how yet, but it will come to me.  And maybe I'll have learned not to walk away while the caramel is cooking.  I can only hope.