Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let them eat cake

Lots and lots of cake.  There are six cakes under all that fondant.   It's a seriously weighty cake.

I thought about taking photos to document my progress,
but I really didn't have time to be interrupting myself that often.

There were difficulties along the way:  I discovered that my 12" square cake pan really isn't square.  I broke a cake for the first time (a 12" semi-square) .  I ran out of buttercream.   I had planned on making plaques, actually I did, with the couple's initial for the center tier but didn't like them once they were finished.  After all of that, the wedding cake is almost done.  Looks done in the photo, doesn't it?   Not quite. 

It was supposed to be delivered yesterday for the wedding today.  But I had to make a judgment call.  I chose to drive a little further to deliver the cake today, than risk the integrity of the decorations by meeting Justin in Marion to deliver it yesterday. 

Yesterday started out damp and wet, and today is shaping up to be the same.  Damp, wet weather is a nemesis of delicate fondant and gumpaste decorations.  The less time they are exposed to those conditions, the better.  You see that drooping swag on the right?  Unfortunately it's something I couldn't fix.  While I did temporarily put the flowers on to get a photo, when I was done they went right back into their air-tight container with a bowl of salt as a desiccant.  They'll get their permanent adhesive a little later this morning.

There are many aspects of making/decorating cakes that make me anxious.  Will the recipients think it's attractive?  Will they like the flavors of the cakes?  Will I get it there intact?  Nagging self-doubts will linger in my head for the next few days.  But then I'll move on to another project.  Maybe I'll revisit the mango pate de fruit.  Maybe I'll stick to an established recipe next time.  Maybe.