Thursday, February 17, 2011

Follow Through

A simple concept, yes?  One I often have tremendous difficulty with.  I am notorious for starting projects, getting bored or frustrated before they're finished, and walking away.  Usually I think to myself, "I'll get back to that."  Doesn't always happen.  Today, follow through occurred.

The unattractive crushed velvet
patterened vinyl that previously
covered the rocking chair.
 When we moved into our house last summer, I brought with me a rocking chair that's been with me longer than the hubs.  It was a potentially cute little chair I acquired at a yard sale back home.  From the time I bought it, I had always thought about recovering it.  The dirty-looking vinyl with a crushed velvet pattern just didn't do it for me.  After we moved, I went as far to buy the fabric.  A few months later, I removed the old upholstery from the back of the chair.  And there it sat.  For months.  So many I've lost count.

Today, I finished the chair. 

Not pretty, just finished. 
And I'm okay with that.

In this process I can say unequivocally that I will not be indulging in another midlife career change to become an upholsterer.  While I'd love to say I'm really proud of this chair, not so much.  I'm just glad it's done.  It's far from perfect and it will remain that way.  In the future, any furniture I feel the need to have recovered will be done by a professional or Sure-Fit.  I am done with it.  In absolutely every sense.

And now that it's done, I can return to the kitchen.