Friday, February 4, 2011

Housekeeper vs Homemaker

Today was more about housekeeping than homemaking.  Having four dogs inside means that the only time the house is clean is when I just finish cleaning and they are still asleep.  Like right now.  By my calculations, I have about 45 minutes left to enjoy it.  I had just told the hubs earlier this week that I had come to the realization that this isn't really OUR house.  It's the pets' house.  He and I are granted the privilege of living here in exchange for catering to their everyone want and need and spoiling them absolutely rotten.  Things make much more sense to me now.

One of the housekeeping chores I've come to dislike is vacuuming the walls.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Because the majority of our walls are rough cedar, they can't simply be wiped down.  Not one of the things I was thinking about when I fell in love with this house.  Once again, hindsight proves to be 20/20.

Culinarily (I think I made that word up) the only thing I see accomplishing today is perhaps caramel sauce from melted caramels.  However.  Tomorrow is Owner Appreciation Day at the Co-op, so I'll be stocking up on goat milk and goat butter for future caramel endeavors.  Maybe I should just leave my crown off for awhile.

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