Thursday, January 27, 2011

Caramel Addict in the Making

The goat's milk caramels have exceeded my expectations.  I spent yesterday cutting them into bite-size squares (over 150 of them!) and wrapping them.  I'm not finished yet.  I believe my next experiment will involve trying to cut the recipe in half. 

Notice those little pieces at the top?  Those little "scraps" made some delicious caramel sauce.

Having this much caramel around is dangerous.  They're so addictive that even after coming home from the dentist's office from having a crown reattached, I was eating caramels.  I've also discovered that re-melted with a little cream, they make a heavenly caramel sauce for dipping slices of the awesome Fuji apples from the International Grocery.

My head is now filled with ideas for different kinds of caramels.  Caramels with chocolate, caramels with chile flakes, caramels with lavender, caramels with coconut, etc., etc., etc.  I need to go stock up on ingredients.  After all, I wouldn't want to be caught without corn syrup again.

The caramels did get wrapped.  It took about two hours to do them all.  I'd like to say I was more proficient at it by the time I was done, but such is not the case.  These few are all I have left.  The rest have been distributed to keep me from eating them.

But you know I had to eat the one I unwrapped for a glamour shot.  I love how the coarse sea salt looks like little gems embedded in the caramel!

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