Friday, January 28, 2011

The "Other" Homemaker

Thus far today, I've not baked anything; I've not cooked anything (reheating leftover enchiladas in the microwave does not constitute cooking) or otherwise made anything.  I almost didn't make anything yesterday, but then around 8:00 last night I absolutely had to make some cocoa hazelnut granola I'd read about (  Two problems there, well, maybe three.  First, the grocery store I was at yesterday did not have rolled oats, only quick and old fashioned.  I went the old fashioned route.  Second, when I opened the jar of cane syrup my aunt gave me from a Masonic lodge in Alabama, I began to wonder just exactly what those in Alabama think cane syrup is because this tasted like what I call molasses.  Third, I seem to forget that I only like hazelnuts when they are raw.  I'm quite certain my final product was in no way similar to the original recipe, and even despite my aversion to roasted hazelnuts, I've still managed to eat half of what I made.  Next time I'll make it with almonds and honey.

Today I had planned on making some coconut lime cupcakes.  But the sun decided to shine beautifully today - for which I am so very grateful.  However, it also made the kitchen about 80 degrees through solar heating.  I guess you could call me a foul weather baker as it was far too warm to turn on the oven.

Instead I spent the day on other domestic pursuits, doing a lot and accomplishing little.  I'm totally okay with that though.  One of the things I did get done, was to give my lemongrass plant a trim to keep it off the floor.  I realize this isn't the part of lemongrass that's ordinarily used, but I just can't bring myself to toss something so fragrant.  Now I have all of these lemongrass leaves and my brain is churning like a cyclone wondering what I can do with them. 

It will definitely have to be some sort of infusion or dried and powdered because the leaves have the texture of a cat's tongue.  Maybe some lemongrass-hibiscus tea; or maybe infused into some simple syrup; or maybe somehow used in a cupcake; or . . . .

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