Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coffee Brittle Finale

But before I get to that, the goat's milk caramels are absolutely awesome.  Seriously.  I will not be at all embarrassed to share these.  I may even send some to my chef instructors.

Back to the coffee brittle.  Trying to revive it in the microwave wasn't quite doing the trick.  So I rolled it up and put it in the copper pot with a little water and let it go until it reached about 260 degrees.  (I was aiming for 280, but my attention span was waning.)

I finally got brittle.  It's absolutely gorgeous.  It now looks like deep, dark, rich coffee.  It was enticing enough for the hubs to try it without being asked.  We do, however, have differing opinions on how it tastes.

I think it tastes like that last inch of coffee in the bottom of the pot that's been sitting on the burner for three hours because no one wants to make more.  He thinks it's not that bad.  At this point I feel I must disclose that he is the person who will drink that last inch of coffee that's been sitting on the burner for three hours (and he will make another pot).

Should I ever feel inclined to try this again (which I may), I'll definitely go stove top method and will keep the coffee beans out of it until the very non-bitter end.

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