Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marmalade, anyone?

With winter being citrus season, I am currently obsessed with making marmalades.  Yesterday's attempt was pink grapefruit marmalade.  Now, I know better than to try and double recipes when making jams, jellies and marmalade but I guess every once in awhile I like to push the envelope and see if I can force something to work.  Not so much.  There was a small amount of hope in the back of my mind that after sitting overnight the marmalade would miraculously firm up.  Not so much.  I have 10 jars of sweet pink grapefruit soup.  So today's agenda includes dumping it all back in the pan with some liquid pectin (a substance I normally eschew) and reprocessing with crossed fingers. 

Beyond trying to fix that mistake, I have a pot of blood orange marmalade that's been sitting overnight waiting for my attention and plans for a red onion marmalade (which seems repulsive and intriguing at the same time).  Then there's the Meyer lemons I came across yesterday . . . I'm going to have more marmalade than I know what to do with.

Blood orange marmalade bubbling away

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